doTERRA makes impactful connections with Mexico

Thanks to an incredible lineup of wellness products, a crackerjack development team and a vision everyone can relate to, people all over the world are falling in love with doTERRA.

Now, Mexican citizens will begin to feel the love, too.

And not just the money, too.

doTERRA is set on providing enormous human rights and economical initiatives near the capitol as part of an agreement to open the natural oils company in Mexico.

2014 marks the year Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert took doTERRA and other Utah businesses on a trade mission to Mexico, along with key government officials.

doTERRA, Wells Fargo and Cloud Monkey

Among those in the group were representatives from Wells Fargo, Health Trends, and Space Monkey who announced they’d be moving their manufacturing base from Shanghai, China to Guadalajara, Mexico. Space Monkey is a personal cloud storage device maker that allows users to access their data from anywhere.

doTERRA Exec Meets With Partners & Ambassador to Mexico

doTERRA execs met with their counterparts from Mexican firms to discuss developing inroads for the essential oils products doTERRA produces. Product registrations, licenses and distribution agreements were hashed out, resulting in significant headway towards introducing doTERRA’s products to the Mexican market. The goal is to make all of doTERRA’s products available in Mexico.

Mr. Armando Contreras, Director of Global Latino Markets for doTERRA, also met with Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne, the ambassador of the US to Mexico.

doTERRA Making Connections, Not Just Business Agreements

doTERRA is excited to be part of a strong, collaborative effort between Utah and Mexico, and its execs believe this is the way of the future. Mexican officials, the Mexican press and Mexican business leaders were equally enthusiastic about the partnerships underway. Economic development, sustainable development, tourism, and educational & cultural initiatives were also part of the partnership discussions that took place during the highly successful trade mission.

Many people don’t know this, but Utah and Mexico already have pretty strong connections. In 2013, the state of Utah exported almost $550 million worth of goods to Mexico. Mexico’s economy is no joke, either: their GDP for 2013 was $1.261 trillion.

Contreras Smells Opportunity

That represents a hefty amount of opportunity for Utah-based businesses like doTERRA- no wonder Mr. Contreras was so pleased with the outcome of the trade mission. When you know you have a great line of products like those in the doTERRA lineup, and a market just waiting to learn about essential oils and all the wonderful, beneficial and surprising ways to use them, the future just can’t help but seem rosy…

Mexico, Not Just for Vacations Anymore

It’s time for the world to adopt a modern view of Mexico: this country has developed in countless ways over the past 20 years. For example, Mexico City was once called the most polluted city in the world. However, city officials have been able to cut pollutants almost in half in just two decades. They’re now encouraging green commerce, better human rights, along with other environmentally friendly initiatives.

That’s precisely the appeal for Utah businesses like doTERRA, whose philosophy and vision are perfectly aligned with the tenets of green commerce and sustainable development. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for doTERRA and Mexico…and not to mention, the vast economical and human rights improvements as well.

Salute. -The Committee