How Does Abs After 40 Make Getting Abs So Easy?

If you are a man in his 40`s and beyond then you have definitely started noticing a layer of belly fat developing as well as an increased frequency of hospital visits due to illnesses. For most men this is accepted as a normal part of the aging process, but there are a few men who refuse to accept this verdict and are willing to do whatever it takes to not only get healthy but get ripped as well. Abs After 40 is a program designed for these types of men who are willing to take destiny into their own hands.

The number one reason that most men avoid working out is that it`s extremely time-consuming especially in today`s fast paced lifestyle with everyone trying to escape the corporate world when every minute counts and there is hardly anytime to go to the gym. Even more so if you plan on starting a side business anytime soon. A second reason is that mainstream workouts are no longer as effective on the body past the age of 40 which makes most men lose hope and give up all together.

What’s Abs After 40 Program?

abs after 40 muscle and absThis is a revolutionary program created by fitness expert Mark Mycilyar who after gaining a huge layer of belly fat in his 40`s sought to find a way to lose it so that he could fit in his old clothes and be proud of his body. Like most people Mark attempted mainstream tactics of weight loss including diets and workouts but they all failed to do any good and things only got worse. Mark`s life changed at the age of 48 when he learned that hormonal imbalance due to aging is the reason most men can`t lose weight like they used to in their younger years. Mark then created a series of exercises and a diet that are specifically designed to help revitalize the body by correcting too much built up hormones that cause fat accumulation and increase hormones that help build muscle. These workouts and diets were then compiled to create the Mark Mcilyar Abs After 40 program that has now helped thousands of struggling men regain their physical health, fitness and pride.

Abs After 40 Included Benefits

The program is divided into three parts each designed to fulfill a specific function:
i) Fat loss jump start phase breaks the unhealthy cycle between unbalanced hormones and weight gain.
ii) Male hormone optimization phase is all about structured exercises meant to create general body fitness.
iii) Full auto-fat burning mode is specialized towards the abdomen area to develop abs and a ripped six pack to die for.

The workout doesn’t involve any expensive heavy equipment but instead relies on cardio and resistance exercise movements. The exercises are designed to take as little time as possible because most middle aged men are often busy with their careers. When combined with a select proper diet Mark insists that there will be a build up of testosterone, increased energy, fewer illnesses and proper toning of the body.

Pros And Cons Of The Abs After 40 Workout Program

The biggest advantage is that it provides a natural way to build up testosterone without the need for dangerous testosterone therapies. The workouts are also perfect for people who have old injuries that get in the way of outdoor hobbies because the program helps in healing them. A lot of nutritional advise is offered on how to have healthy meals without sacrificing delicious taste.

The only major con of the program is that phase three of the program (full auto-burning mode) requires some pretty tough abs after 40 exercises that are not for the feint of heart and it can easily lead to surrender if you don`t have the necessary will power.

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