How To Prevent A Heart Attack? VitaPulse Antioxidant Supplement Ensures Cardiovascular Health

vitapulse studiesWith incidences of cardiac arrests and various heart issues increasing drastically with the passage of time, it’s no surprise that supplements like VitaPulse, which focuses on boosting heart health, are becoming widely in demand. It is manufactured by Princeton Nutrients, headed by Dr. Bereliani who is an expert cardiovascular illnesses. VitaPulse relies heavily on antioxidants to fulfill its purpose of promoting optimum blood circulation and preventing heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

The Three Most Powerful Ingredients In VitaPulse

All of these three ingredients work in synergy together to reduce the risk of heart disease as is evident in the functions of each one:

1.) PQQ (Pyrroquinoline Quinone)

This is the supplement’s most potent antioxidant. Many studies have revealed that it has neuroprotective capabilities and has been claimed to promoting optimum cellular health (through increasing the production of mitochondria). A study conducted on mice has also shown that it’s able to heal the damaged areas of the heart and reduce its size. After all, enlargements in certain parts of the heart (such as the left ventricle) is considered as a great heart attack risk.

2.) NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

Found in the amino acid l-cysteine, NAC is responsible for the reduction of homocysteine levels, which are also associated with increasing heart attack risk. Also, being good precursors to glutathione, they are especially helpful in improving cardiovascular function in persons without adequate HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Besides serving as good building blocks, they have also been found to protect the body from many forms of cancer.

3.) CoQ10

This is an antioxidant that is rich in vegetables like broccoli and spinach. It has been found to have positive benefits in giving the body a good metabolism boost. It has also been proven to promote optimum energy levels with regular intake, besides being able to boost the bioenergetics of mitochondria found in heart muscles (an important nutrient that often absent in most patients who have suffered from heart failure in the past). Most of these benefits are closely tied to CoQ10’s anti-aging properties.

Proven Benefits That VitaPulse Can Provide

• Promotes circulatory functions of the body as a whole.
• Can balance the body’s cholesterol levels.
• Can improve neural function as well, which leads to better overall memory.
• Improves energy levels.
• Ensures good cellular health.
• Reduces inflammation that could lead to cancer.
• Helps in fat burning by boosting the metabolism.

How Is VitaPulse Able To Thwart Heart Attacks?

VitaPulse can drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks due to the mere fact that it uses ingredients which have been proven to proactively mitigate negative cardiovascular factors that could inevitably lead to them. This supplement does not only shield you from being subject to heart attacks in the near future, if you already prone to them, its ingredients also ensure that you can actually recover from them.

This is because VitaPulse studies addresses an issue that most heart supplements overlook, which is the presence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known proponents of various chronic ailments, and without proper intake of antioxidants, our bodies become more prone to them. These negative factors, such as increase in fat deposits and cellular damage, are closely linked to heart diseases that inevitably lead to cardiac arrest and heart attack.

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